Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Too Funny!

This is why the internet was made. Thank you, Al Gore!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We got a house!!!

Three bedrooms. Two baths. And damnit, it's ours!
More to come.

Well I wish I was back in the land of cotton ...

I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but I need you to know that I have been a busy little boy.
Travel has been going well. One thing I've realized is that high school kids are just high school kids no matter how you dress them or where they live. A couple weeks ago, I was at a military prep school receiving a most wonderful tour from their college counselor, when we came upon two students making out in a stair well. I was told they would be disciplined heavily for such an infraction.
Tonight I just felt like going to Gettysburg, so I drove there for dinner. It was only about an hour and I must say that driving through the battlefield in the dark is spooky.
Other than that, things are going as planned. Sorry there is no more news, but what is there to say?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

He's in!!! (belated)

Fred is in!!!
This should be getting good.

Day one is in the can.

So I just made it back from my first trip out. I’d have to say that it was a success in that I didn’t end up lost, broke-down, or otherwise incapacitated. I will say that I learned much about this great country in which I live and the great people that live in it.
Below is my list of observations made on my way to, and from, The Garden State:
- Jug handles??? I mean really, who was smoking what when those were invented??? Be honest, were left-turn lanes just too old-fashioned of an idea???
- The Capital Beltway in DC is the closest I’ve ever been to an F1 racetrack. I recommend it for adrenaline junkies and those with a death wish.
- Nuns have a quirky sense of humor and are impressed by few worldly things … as it probably should be.
- High school guys are just plain awkward, and it think that will be true throughout my entire travel season.
- There is no good country music north of Maryland. Sure they have radio stations that claim to play country music, but all they play is that modern pop-style country music. If you want Hank (Sr. or Jr.), Willie, Waylon, Merle, George (any of them), or Alan, bring it with you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In preparation for the big event …

So I’m almost ready to hit the highway. I have all of my school visits planned, but I have only reserved hotels and cars through October. That leaves one month of “real” planning left to do; then it’s all got to be typed-up by Friday afternoon.
I guess I could be making better use of my time getting these things done rather than blogging, but I’m on my lunch break, and Hampton Inn can wait a little longer to get my credit card info. (This would be an excellent time to plug Hampton Inn by the way. Kristen and I have found them to be wonderful hotels and priced reasonably. They have a rewards program, so I figure that after my travel season, she and I can take a trip somewhere for free! (Can someone say “front row at the Lincoln Center?”)
In other news, we got an X-Box 360 the other day, and I don’t know how we went so long without it! It is absolutely amazing!!!
Let me take a minute and give thanks to Ben for helping me find a sweet deal. You are my X-Box Yoda, and I will be coming to you often for advice. Any word on that network bridge???
Lest I forget, Fred Thompson will announce tonight that he is running for President. Am I the only one who is a little excited about this??? So far all I’ve seen are democrats bashing Bush, while getting major airtime doing so, and republicans playing softball on Fox News.
I am looking for Fred to come out swinging, and taking no prisoners. He just comes off as the kind of guy who can make the tough decision and then convince us all that it’s the right idea. I can just see him addressing the nation behind his desk in the Oval Office saying, “This war has become one giant dog with fleas … but in order to win, we’ve all got to scratch it. And here is how it’s going to happen. First …”
But I concede that the election is still many months away, and a lot of things can happen in the mean time.
So I’m going to get back to work, and focus my attention on the here-and-now. I may post again before I leave; otherwise, I’ll catch-up with you all from someplace north of the Mason-Dixon.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Okay, a few rules …

First of all, this blog is kept for my personal enjoyment. I will write about things that I find funny, reverent, and or interesting. I may also go on a rant from time to time. If you happen come into my line of fire, don’t take it personally. If it bothers you enough, practice your First Amendment right and create your own blog.
I will not be posting every day. I will post when I can, but I am busy. Well, I’m not that busy. Mainly lazy. But trust me, no one wants to read about my day when all I did was go to work and then go home.
That’s about it. Pretty simple, huh?